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Canada 150 Photo Shoot: Capturing Lorna Costantini’s Canadian Wonder

What do you do when your friend asks you to take pictures of her quilt?  Well, you jump on the opportunity!  Especially if the quilt is as patriotic and inspiring as this one is!  Lorna Costantini designed this quilt and pattern especially for Canada’s 150th birthday, which is coming soon.

Lorna had the quilt delivered to my doorstep and asked me to see what I can do to get a few shots of the quilt.  I was nervous and excited about the task, since I had only ever taken pictures of my own quilt and a guild quilt before.  She was happy with me sticking to my own backyard for the pictures.  I was a bit nervous because with our current renos in progress, the back yard was a bit of a mess.  I tucked the quilt away and went to sleep, knowing that I had a busy day the next day.  I hoped to get to the quilt later in the week.

When I woke up, lo and behold, the snow had fallen!  I had to pack for a trip to my mother’s but squeezed in a quick 15 minute session with the quilt.  I was thinking that newly fallen snow would make a pretty hard-to-beat backdrop, and around here snow never lasts long.  There was no time to lose!  Here are a few shots from that morning:

After a bit of rushed fun, three LittleMac’s and I hopped in the car to head to a birthday party about an hour and a half away.  I took Lorna’s quilt and my camera with us so that if an opportunity arose, I could take a few shots.   After the party, we planned to hang out at my sister-in-law’s (yes, the one who now owns these pillows) and then we were going to head to my Mom’s, another hour East.  I didn’t even think of taking indoor shots, but then I walked into their brand-new house and realized she had the perfect decor and palette for this quilt.  And the lighting was really great, too.  I really prefer natural light when taking pictures of quilts.  The details and texture just show up so much better that way.

I was only a *little* embarrassed to ask if I could borrow her house for a  mini shoot in the middle of our gathering.  Here are a few of the indoor shots:

Onward, to Gramma’s…Everywhere I went I saw good places to stop and take pictures but I couldn’t do that because I had a carful of kids and I just couldn’t stop.  These are the days when I miss being wild, young and carefree!

Due to some stormy weather, our trip to Grandma’s was extended, but the benefit of the storm was that we had EVEN MORE snow for another go at a few pictures when we came home.  This time, my trusty sidekick, Kiwi joined me for a modeling session:

The ultimate result of studying this thing of beauty at every angle, up close and far away, is this:  Now I have to make one, for myself!  I apparently fell in love with it through the lens!  I have heard of  so many lovestories between models and photographers, and now I kinda get it!

If you are interested in creating your own keepsake to commemorate this special year in Canada, Click here to find the pattern at Modern Bee.  They are offering both kit and pattern through their online shop.   If your patriotic heart goes “Ka-whump” when you scroll through and see what Lorna made, go check it out, Eh??  Lorna is also hosting a quilt-along for those who purchase the pattern, with suggestions, video tutorials and tips to make yours easy and fun to put together…and there’s just enough time to whip one up before the big 150 hits!

Lorna Costantini is a retired teacher, with a penchant for computer technology, cooking and quilting who seems to have found her calling in quilting and pattern design.  She is a dynamic grandmother and active member of the Niagara Modern Quilt Guild and the Canadian Quilters’ Association.


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