Finish A Long 2017 Q3 Proposed Finishes List

Well, I only knocked two finishes off my overzealous list from last quarter.

  1.  My Riley Blake Challenge, which was dubbed, ”Legend” and gifted to my 5 year-old son for his birthday.IMG_6726 (2)

and a memory quilt, made of dress shirts, which we named, ”Patchwork of Memories”, to celebrate the life of a very special husband, father and grandfather.

While I have yet to blog on these two finishes, I want to make sure to complete my proposed finishes list first…but stay tuned for the finishes posts to come!

Considering it is summer, and I am seriously unlikely to get very far on anything with my kids home and my husband working on major renos (Including a new sacred sewing space!!!).  Nonetheless, I am going to carry forward a few gems from the previous list, plus another project or two that distracted me from my finishes list last quarter.  I am going to make myself a deal (and you guys can hold me to it…)  I am going to focus on quilting, through that UFO pile, so I can finish these projects and one other group project. With the renos, I need to keep spending down and I can’t believe how much extra time it takes to keep up with the housework when my hubby is out of the picture!  If it’s not on the list, it has to be a small, simple project that can be done in a weekend.  I am hoping I can stick to the plan, and I plan to post the list it in front of where I sew to keep me on track!

1.  Master Bedroom Runner


I did make a bit of headway on this project last quarter, but then got distracted.  I would love to finish it someday soon.  I am so close to being done!  Still needs to be finished and bound.

2. Allie Owl Quilt

img_4631Never even touched this project in q2.  Carried forward, Allie Owl still needs a backing, to be quilted and bound.

3. Canada 150

This pattern by Lorna Costantini was getting me excited about piecing flying geese, but due to a few technical issues (like not being happy with my colour choices), I put it on hold after making enough geese to complete the project. I need to rethink the colours, finish piecing, appliqué the letters, quilt and bind.   This is a picture of me with Lorna and her quilt.   I hope to get back to it and finish mine before the summer is up, but I shall see what transpires.

4. Totally Triangular Quilt for LittleMac 1’s Birthday

Last quarter, I joined in on the fun with Sheila Christensen’s Totally Triangular Quiltalong, and have made all but the last four of these fun blocks.  I would like to get this quilt whipped into shape before my ds turns 10!  Time to get rolling on this one!

5. Geese on Mars

After having spend a marvelous couple of days staring at Angela Walters making magic happen before my very eyes, I was thinking this one could use some interesting FMQ texture and I am looking forward to playing with it.  I hope to use a few of her amazing techniques on this one (but unlike her, I will have to think, sweat and possibly cuss to get it done.

Good luck to everyone, and I wish you all a productive third quarter!  Now let’s get those machines humming!


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