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Proposed Finishes for Q4 2017

Summary of my Quarter: It is with much disappointment that I must confess I did not complete a single item on my proposed finishes list for Q3.  With buying a new car, being seriously tired, having many doctors’ appointments for various members of our family,  school startup, my poochie being hit by a car (and… Continue reading Proposed Finishes for Q4 2017


I Just discovered ”Finish-A-Long” on Instagram.

  Wow!  This Instagram Quilting Community is just blowing me over.  Through the Modern Quilt Guild’s Mini Swap, I  found out that many quilters share their work on IG, so I got me an account, grabbed a handle and started following people who seemed to be doing stuff I like.  After a few weeks on… Continue reading I Just discovered ”Finish-A-Long” on Instagram.